Birth is beautiful. Birth is exciting. Birth is transforming. Birth is spiritual. Birth is joyful. Birth is natural. Birth is intense. Birth is passionate.  Birth is an adventure. Motherhood is a miracle. I believe in the truth of mamatoto! (Mamatoto is a word translated from Swahili meaning “motherbaby”….the idea that mother and baby are a single unit and should be cared for as such.)

I truly believe every woman should experience all these feelings while birthing, no matter the path she takes through her experience. As a doula, I am present to support the birthing mother as she journeys through this miraculous event. I offer my assistance to the mother by providing continuous informational, emotional and physical support during childbirth, as well as during the postpartum period. I belive mothers are graced with intuition, natural feelings about what is best for their children. I support a mother’s right to love and care for her offspring and I support her in that role. No object, place or other person can take the place of a happy and supported mother.

My name is Caitlin, wife to Bobby and mother to two beautiful children. I am a certifying childbirth and postpartum doula through  Birth Arts International. I am located in Northeas Kansas and can serve anywhere between Topeka and Manhattan- including all the small communities in between. I am so excited to work with new mothers and their families, but especially for the mamatoto!

I offer both childbirth and postpartum doula services.

I am now accepting clients due spring and summer of 2013.

Please contact me with any questions, more content to come!